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​​​​​​​​​​Last Updated  9/17/2021 

The Frisco Senior Center known as the Grove at Commons Park  is now open.

 Address is 8300 McKinney Road, Frisco, Tx. 75034  972-292-6500 -  near Main and  Preston 

If you are a Facebook user, we would appreciate you joining Frisco Dance Club Group so we can

better communicate with all our  members at the same time.


Ballroom and Country  Lessons     We start a  new dance genre on the  first Wednesday of every month

 In  September we will teach beginner Cha Cha at 2PM to 2:45 PM and intermediate Rumba from 3PM to 3:45 PM

Cost is $28.00 for Frisco residents with membership and $38.00 for NON Frisco residents for all 8 lessons.

Private lessons are available every Wednesday at 4 PM        1/2 hour is $35.00

Line Dance Lessons   are every Tuesday at 1 PM  to 2 PM

Cost is $20.00 for the month or $6.00 for drop ins for Frisco residents with membership and $30.00 for the

month or $16.00 for drop ins  for non Frisco residents.

Square Dance Lessons  are scheduled to begin Monday, October 4th and Wednesday the 6th at 5PM until 6:30 PM

Cost is $28.00 for Frisco residents with membership and $38.00 for non Frisco residents for all 8 lessons. 

Please come 30 minutes early for the first lesson as it takes some time to get everyone signed in.

                                               Where to Ballroom, Country or Swing Dance

Thursday:  Elegance Ballroom  Latin , Swing and Ballroom music. Starts at 7 PM                                                                  DJ

                         Carrolton Senior Center. They rotate between Country and Ballroom. Start at 7 PM                                        Band

Saturday: "You Can Dance Dallas"  Studio in Addison. They rotate between Country and Ballroom  Starts at 7 PM   www.facebook.com/ycddallas  DJ       

Ballroom / Country Dance lesson schedule for the next 12 Months. We start a new dance Genre on the first Wednesday of every month at 2 PM. Whatever genre we did this month, we continue the same genre with an intermediate lesson at 3 PM. 


 2 PM lesson   /  3 PM  Lesson        

September - Basic Cha-Cha / Intermediate Rhumba

October - Basic Tango, American / Intermediate Cha cha

November - Basic Pro. Double Two Step /  intermediate Tango, American 

December - No lessons


January - Basic West Coast Swing /  Intermediate Pro. Double Two Step

February - Basic Two Step / Intermediate West Coast Swing

March Basic Night Club 2 step / Intermediate Two Step

April - Basic Samba / Intermediate Night Club 2 Step

May - Basic  Merinque / Intermediate Samba

June - Basic Bachata / Intermediate Meringue

July - Basic Salsa / Intermediate Bachata



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