Frisco Dance Club​

  ​​       Ballroom                                Country                                  Swing                                 Line Dancing

​​​​​​​​​​​Last Updated  12/3/2021 

The Frisco Senior Center known as the Grove at Commons Park  is now open.

 Address is 8300 McKinney Road, Frisco, Tx. 75034  972-292-6500 -  near Main and  Preston 

If you are a Facebook user, we would appreciate you joining Frisco Dance Club Group so we can

better communicate with all our  members at the same time.

Ballroom,  Country  & Swing Lessons     No Ballroom Country  or Swing Lessons in December  We always start a  new dance genre on the  first Wednesday of every month at 2:PM

 In January  we will teach beginner Fox Trot at 2PM to 2:45 PM and intermediate  Progressive Double Two Step from 3PM to 3:45 PM beginning Wednesday, January  5th

Cost is $28.00 for Frisco residents with membership and $38.00 for NON Frisco residents for all 8 lessons.

Private lessons are available every Wednesday at 4 PM        1/2 hour is $35.00

Line Dance Lessons   are every Tuesday at 1 PM  to 2 PM 

Cost is $20.00 for the month or $6.00 for drop ins for Frisco residents with membership and $30.00 for the

month or $16.00 for drop ins  for non Frisco residents.

Square Dance Lessons  No lessons scheduled in December. Will restart on January 3rd and the 6th of the month, 2022. 

Cost is $28.00 for Frisco residents with membership and $38.00 for non Frisco residents for all 8 lessons. 

Please come 30 minutes early for the first lesson as it takes some time to get everyone signed in.

                                        Where to Ballroom, Country or Swing Dance in North Dallas

                                                          See link on upper right corner


Ballroom / Country Dance lesson schedule for the next 12 Months. We start a new dance Genre on the first Wednesday of every month at 2 PM. Whatever genre we did this month, we continue the same genre with an intermediate lesson at 3 PM. 


 2 PM lesson   /  3 PM  Lesson  

November - Basic Pro. Double Two Step /  intermediate Tango, American     

December - No lessons


                                                                             2 PM lesson                                3 PM Lesson

                                                             January - Basic Fox Trot                /  Intermediate Pro. Double Two Step

                                                            February - Basic Two Step            / Intermediate Fox Trot

                                                            March Basic West Coast Swing     / Intermediate Two Step

                                                            April - Basic Samba                         / Intermediate West Coast Swing

                                                            May - Basic  Night Club 2 Step        / Intermediate Samba

                                                            June - Basic Hustle                           / Intermediate Night Club 2 step

                                                            July - Basic Salsa                                / Intermediate Hustle